Supporters Like You

Your support is essential to the continuing success of AER and the essential work we do. Read about the men and women like you who have made caring for Soldiers and their Families a part of their personal legacy.

“The privilege of providing information to military families, Retired Soldiers and donors is

my mission.

– Danna Butterfield, Development Specialist and COVID-19 Relief Special Access Cell

Her mission to help

“As a military spouse, a mother of two, a former Army Emergency Relief Officer, and now a Development Specialist and COVID-19 Relief Special Access Cell, it almost goes without saying that AER’s mission is my passion. Every day I get to see how AER makes a positive impact on the lives of the people we assist.

Part of my role is to build strong relationships with supporters that help continue the legacy of caring which AER has been providing to the Army Family for over 78 years. AER truly is here to help when it is most needed.

Please send me an email and introduce yourself if you’d like to learn more about me and why your support of AER is vital to helping Soldiers and their families.”

Danna Butterfield, Development Specialist and COVID-19 Relief Special Access Cell

In July 1970, as a newlywed and recently assigned to Germany, AER loaned me enough money to get an apartment.

Lesson-learned, always trust AER.

– SGM (R) William W.

A Legacy of Service

Army Emergency Relief is extremely grateful to retired Colonel Joseph B. Ameel and his wife, Betty, who passed away recently, for their generous gift that will help thousands of Soldiers and their Families in need. Their legacy of giving and serving others continues today through this substantial donation, as it had during Col. Ameel’s 23-year Army career that began in Vietnam and highlighted by his position as commander of the 3rd Squadron 7th Cavalry, “Garry Owen,” in Schweinfurt, Germany.

The Ameel’s legacy gift is the embodiment of “Soldiers Helping Soldiers,” and their desire to ease the financial burdens of Soldiers will be felt for years to come. AER is forever grateful to them and their estate for this generous gift.

Making a positive impact on future Soldiers through a legacy gift

Sgt. Linda Blackwell (Ret.) knows what it’s like to be in a tough spot. There were times during her career in the Army that she needed just a little support, and thankfully AER was there to help because of donors just like you. When she received a No Pay Due loan, when she had to go on unexpected leave for a family emergency while stationed in Germany, and even after retiring in 1994 when she turned to AER in her time of need. She never forgot the help she received.

That’s why she’s giving back in a major way. The impact of AER’s services on her life encouraged her to leave a gift to the organization in her will.

It is an honor to enable Soldiers to make a positive impact on our future Soldiers with their legacy gifts. Learn how you can make your own legacy gift in a will, trust or by beneficiary designation so Soldiers and their families can receive support in their time of need.

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