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I will continue to support AER and our military community on this next phase of my journey to the best of my ability. This organization is truly a God-sent blessing. 

Major Mouton

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I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation on the decision to approve the support to my family and me. I am truly humbled by the opportunity to experience this moment. I’ve contributed to and been a supporter of AER throughout my 22 years in the military which has been an honor. I want to say thank you to all involved in this process both military and civilian for supporting our military families. I also want to thank Mrs. Jamie Fink, my Recovery Care Coordinator, ARCCD, ARCP for her diligence and professional care on this matter. I feel she treated me as if it was her very own family. 

Sgt. Linda Blackwell (Ret.) knows what it’s like to be in a tough spot. There were times during her career in the Army that she needed just a little support, and thankfully AER was there to help because of donors just like you.

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When she received a No Pay Due loan, when she had to go on unexpected leave for a family emergency while stationed in Germany, and even after retiring in 1994 when she turned to AER in her time of need. She never forgot the help she received.

That’s why she’s giving back in a major way. The impact of AER’s services on her life encouraged her to leave a gift to the organization in her will.

It is an honor to enable Soldiers to make a positive impact on our future Soldiers with their legacy gifts. Learn how you can make your own legacy gift in a will, trust or by beneficiary designation so Soldiers and their families can receive support in their time of need.

Thinking back of the times the AER provided support while on active duty, and into retirement, I can only hope my story may enlighten others to support the AER!


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To extend our gratitude, we are happy to be able to contribute to the AER, so that they may continue to provided so much, for our military community.

Our first experience was during a PCS, we were provided a small loan which assisted with the transition. Then, while traveling on vacation, our truck broke down with an estimated cost of $5k to repair, which again AER assisted with repairs so we were able to return home. Then when a family member was critically hospitalize and asking to see me, AER help us with travel expense which made it possible to be with my sister before her passing. You see, I have much to be thankful for with the AER being there for my family! So, I am fortunate to contribute to an organization that provides needed support, for those in need!

My first time donating to the AER program was during the 2017 Annual Campaign as a Specialist. I learned about the program’s benefits and the positive effects it had on Soldiers, their families, and other beneficiaries.

— Jason Blum

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From then on, I knew that I wanted to assist with the program or my fellow Soldiers, whether it was educating my fellow Soldiers, organizing fundraisers, or contributing funds. I became the Unit AER Representative and Campaign Coordinator for the 2018 and 2019 Annual Campaigns. During that time, I was able to assist multiple Soldiers in receiving financial relief and continue contributing to the program. Had I not learned about AER and the benefits of the program, I may have never been able to aid those Soldiers as I did. AER is more than a financial relief program. It’s a program that takes care of Soldiers and their families. And taking care of Soldiers is our duty and responsibility.

My hope is that we all do our part to contribute to AER so that soldiers and their families are able to receive the same help that I was blessed with.


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I first became involved with AER as a junior enlisted soldier donating money to support my brothers and sisters at arms. Years later, the day had come when I needed the assistance of AER.

A PCS can, at times, be riddled with financial surprises. After experiencing a no rate change in my BAH, DFAS later recouped the excess BAH which left me with no pay due. This meant that I needed money to pay rent. After exhausting what little savings I had, I turned to ACS and was provided with the much needed funds needed to pay my rent! My hope is that we all do our part to contribute to AER so that soldiers and their families are able to receive the same help that I was blessed with.


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The Impact of Your Giving


$1,000 could provide critical support for an Army Wounded Warrior

through an AER Wounded Warrior Comfort Grant, which offers immediate financial assistance to medically-evacuated Soldiers.


$10,000 could provide a scholarship

for a Soldier's child like Katti, whose AER scholarship allowed her to attend Dallas Baptist University and study Early Childhood Education.


$25,000 could provide lifesaving relief support during a natural disaster.

A gift of this size could fund the costs of helping Soldiers prepare for and evacuate from their homes when a hurricane, earthquake, flood, or other natural disaster is expected to strike. 


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